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University-Model® Education


Trinity of Fairview Academy (ToFA) is an accredited University-Model® School.  This ensures your child(ren) will receive a high-quality, Christ-honoring education. The mission and purpose of ToFA is an extension of the vision of our overseeing organization, University-Model® Schools International (UMSI.) Therefore, we have provided a brief introduction to the UMSI organization below, but we encourage you to spend a few moments learning more about UMSI by going to or clicking here.

University-Model® Schools International (UMSI) is a global family of Christian school communities pursuing a philosophy and system of education called the University-Model® (UM).


The University-Model® educational system blends the best attributes of traditional Christian education with the best attributes of home schooling (as related to the “gift of time”) and integrates them into one model. The immediate goal is quality, cost-effective, college-preparatory education accomplished in a way that gives parents more time to impart the Christian faith and values they hold precious to their children. The ultimate goal is that of producing wholesome, competent men and women of Christian character who will serve God as disciples of Jesus Christ throughout their lifetimes.

The University-Model® is a five-day academic program with students spending 2-3 days in the central classroom and 2-3 days in their “satellite classroom” at home. Both classrooms are under the supervision of the professional educator.

The key to the success of the concept is the integration of a biblically-based, parentally-guided, Christian faith and a sound, teacher-directed, academic environment. Parents partner with professional educators in this educational process. Under the supervision of the qualified educator, parents are required to provide oversight responsibilities of their children’s coursework in the satellite classroom at home. They also serve as paraprofessionals by providing extension, enrichment, tutoring, and study skills instruction.

As the level of parental involvement progresses from a private tutor (elementary) to a guide (junior high) to course monitor (senior high), parents are expected to continue exercising responsibility for their children through graduation.

The teachers are in charge of all direct instruction in the central classroom, and they encourage and expect students to learn the material assigned through independent practice and homework. Teachers also provide consistent feedback to students and parents regarding the progress in each class.

Although there are many hybrid models of education (schools) across the United States that attempt to replicate the authentic University-Model®, there is only one—the original model started by Grace Preparatory Academy, Arlington, Texas, in 1993. In 2002, the University-Model® Schools International (UMSI) was started by the founders of Grace Prep, and today it provides the trademark, training, credibility, certification, and accreditation necessary to maintain the quality and excellence expected of the authentic University-Model®.  For more information on the history of UMSI, please click here.


Click HERE to learn more about the Mission and Purpose of Trinity of Fairview Academy.


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