Our Partnership

Partnership is a key element to what makes our community here at CLA thrive.  Families have the opportunity to access several areas of partnership to help make teaching and discipling their student a success.

Parent Training & Support

In order to equip parents as they engage in our unique school model, CLA provides support, training and discipleship opportunities beginning in late summer and throughout the school year.

Family Interview

At Commission, we partner with parents whose heart it is to see their children know Jesus and to serve Him. Our partnership recognizes the parent as the primary academic and spiritual guide for their child, and requires both the parents' readiness to disciple their children toward Christ and their willingness to invest time teaching and learning alongside our professional teachers at Commission in order to educate their child. We spend about an hour and a half with each family interested in admission to Commission to ensure that our school is a good fit for the family and that the family is a good fit for our school. It is during this conversation that we hear the vision that the parents have for their children and answer any remaining questions that they may have about our school. Ultimately, through this meeting, we ensure that we are a community of like-minded families working towards the same mission for His Kingdom. 

Curriculum Training

In order to ensure that our co-teaching parents are prepared to partner with our campus teachers to teach the curriculum we employ at CLA with excellence, we offer training to our parents at the beginning of the school year. Parents are required to take part in training for any curriculum they will be teaching for the first time, but may also participate in any training they would like to learn more about or that they would like to be refreshed on.

Parent Orientation

This is a full-day, required event for all new CLA parents and typically takes place the week before school begins in early August. Topics covered include:

  • how to successfully transition to a University-Model® School,

  • the basics of home study and time management,

  • a brief review of policies and procedures,

  • and a question and answer session.

There is also time for breakout groups to discuss the parent required reading and to meet the members of your small group connection team. 

State Of Commission

Once a year in January, The Administration communicates our annual report to the community in an assembly type meeting called The State of Commission Address

Town Hall / Coffee and Curriculum

Twice year in October and in March, The Administrators and The Board of Directors engage the Commission community in a Town Hall conversation surrounding one main question: "How can we better serve you and your family at Commission?"  During this program parents and teachers have opportunity to collaborate with one another and discuss curriculum such as projects, new units and specific initiatives. 


Opportunities exist throughout the year for parents to receive practical training in subjects related to academics, parenting, and life skills.

Required Reading

In order to make the most of our educational partnership and to grow and challenge one another as leaders and disciple-makers of our children . . . parents, teachers and administrators at Commission engage in conversation surrounding a required reading at the beginning of each school year. The required reading this year is Sticky Faith by Kara Powell and Dr. Chap Clark. Previous to this year, the reading was Free to Parent by Ellen Schuknecht and Erin MacPherson

Parent Website

The Commission website is a helpful tool where parents can find information that is valuable and informative.   There are distinctive overviews of our academic program at all levels, information about Parent Roles and how to implement home assignments, contact information for all staff, and a private "Current Families" only section of the site.  There, our families can find up-to-date detailed information about upcoming events and happenings at Commission, a private Shutterfly photo gallery where pictures can be posted and downloaded, contact information for teachers, and more.  It is our intention to steadily grow this area of the site to strengthen the partnership with our parents, giving more of what they need to thrive.

Recommended Reading Resources

Free to Parent, by Ellen Schuknecht and Erin MacPherson
Sticky Faith, by Kara Powell 
Mindset, by Carol Dweck
The Five Love Languages of Children, by Gary Chapman
The Power of a Praying Parent, by Stormie Omartian

University-Model® Education

In addition to offering a rich, wholesome academic experience, one of Commission’s primary objectives as a University-Model® School is to affirm, encourage, and equip parents in their God-given roles and responsibilities and to provide a culture where there is more time to impart their faith and values to their children. Through our various family ministry opportunities, CLA parents are able to engage in Christian community while receiving practical training and support for both shepherding the hearts of their children and preparing them academically to excel in school and beyond.


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