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Logic School

The second stage (Logic) of classical learning, in grades 7- through 8, students discover why certain facts exist as certainties. They want to know the “why” of something—the logic behind it.  In the School of Logic at Commission, we teach students to dissect and take apart information and begin to critically think through ideas and arguments. They learn reasoning, informal and formal logic, and how to argue with wisdom and eloquence. Whereas in the Grammar School the focus is on developing a foundation and understanding how the process works, the goal in the Logic stage is to help students understand how to critically process and apply the knowledge they have previously acquired.  We accomplish this within our classroom discussions on campus and through the parent partnership at home.

  • Formal (Socratic) discussion: We train students in the art of reason and argument through conversation. We intentionally challenge ideas and work from the classical literary sources. In this, we train students to submit to, internalize, harmonize, align with, and accept God’s truth—not individual, subjective “truths.”

  • Focus: Classical Christian education was not dismissed, it was pushed out. When good coursework or methods are substituted, it replaces great coursework and classical methods, and competes for the focus of the students. Classical schools focus students on learning fewer things well. 

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