Service Projects: First Fruits Farm, Masonic Home for Children, Pony Polo Rescue

Our Community

At Commission, we partner with parents whose heart it is to see their children know Jesus and to serve Him. The integrity of that partnership begins before a family is even accepted into the Commission community and is maintained  through small group participation, service and constant feedback and communication.

Connection Teams

Our connection teams were designed to proactively cultivate a culture of community, connectedness, and encouragement, where families are able to engage and interact with one another as they grow closer to Christ. Every CLA family participates in a connection team, which is made up of a coach, her family, and five to six other CLA families. These small groups interact with one another during playdates, service projects, field trips, joint home study days for students, book or Bible studies for moms, and much more. It is within the structure of these organized small groups that authentic, organic fellowship happens.

Mission Minded


At Commission, we partner for the Kingdom in a distinctive way through cultivating community — both internally and outwardly. All students and their families at Commission serve our world at three levels: locally, nationwide, and (eventually) internationally. These initiatives create opportunities to fulfill four of the Commission Purposes: Love and glorify God, fulfill the Great Commission, train students in the articulation and defense of their faith in Christ, and enable and empower students to joyfully serve in our local, state, national, and global communities.


Service Projects:  Jesus commanded his disciples Matthew 28: 19 to “go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." As obedient disciples of Christ we are committed to providing our children with the knowledge, skills, and experiences they will need to go out into the world and do just that. In the kindergarten and grammar levels, we provide the opportunity for students, parents, and families to go into our local community and serve our neighbors in various ways, several times throughout the year. Most of these service projects take place within our Connection Teams, and occasionally as school-wide service projects. Our logic level students have the opportunity to experience and serve out-of-state on a 3 day service project trip.  They experience fellowship and teamwork, as they serve a variety of organizations. As our rhetoric program begins to grow in the next few years, we will begin to offer annual international missions trips to various countries around the world, providing students the opportunity to see the world from many different views and serve and minister to the global community.

Some of our local and out-of-state organizations we have served:  (local) Hope Reins, Hillside Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Durham Rescue Mission, First Fruits Farm, Litchford Falls Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, The Masonic Home for Children, Hilltop Home, Salvation Army, Wake Crossroads Baptist, Operation Resolute, Society of St. Andrews, Blessing Bags for the homeless (out-of state) Christ Central, Town Creek Baptist Church, Pony Polo Rescue

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